the treatment

To achieve the best result, the treatment consists of 3 phases.

Phase 1: Correction

This is an intensive treatment where our goal is to rduce your pain/ache. The chiropractor will reduce the irritation of the vertebral column and the nervouw system. Temporarily pain relief does not always mean that the actual cause has disappeared. It is important that you allow your body enough time to develop a good stabilisation.

Phase 2: Stabilisation

As a reult of the chiropractic corrections the vertebral column will stabilize during longer periods. Pains and aches will disappear or reduce. Due to this stabilisation the weak parts of your body get time to recover and strengthen.

Phase 3: Maintenance

The vertabral column has been stabilized and can process some stress. Now it is essential to make sure that your body does not gradually return to the old situation. You could compare it with going to the dentist. We do have our teeth checked every 6 months, so why not our vertabral column?


treatments by the PRO ADJUSTER


Subluxations occur when one or more of your vertebrae shift out of optimal position, causing them to be too rigid (or not rigid enough), putting pressure on your spinal nerves, straining your muscles, and potentially damaging the soft tissue in surrounding areas. This can cause pain, decreased range of motion in multiple areas of the body, and an overall decrease in health and wellness. Trauma to our bodies in the form of disease, physical accidents, and even normal life experiences, like pregnancy, moving into a new home, or starting a new job can all cause subluxations. When your body is healthy and functioning at 100%, you feel well, are pain-free, and have a better quality of life. Removing subluxations will help you to experience a higher level of health and wellness. 



During a manual chiropractic adjustment, a Doctor of Chiropractic uses his/her sense of touch to detect and correct subluxations. The Pro Adjuster uses advanced technology to do the same things, providing a gentle approach that is appropriate for everyone from infants to seniors. Many people who have been fearful of experiencing a traditional manual adjustment, mostly because they don’t know what to expect, have found the Pro Adjuster to be a wonderful solution for eliminating subluxations in a way that makes them feel secure and comfortable.


While you sit in a special chair, one of our certified Doctors of Chiropractic moves a small, U-shaped instrument down your spine, touching each of the vertebra and allowing the Pro Adjuster to detect areas of misalignment. After that, the chiropractor holds the instrument on the problem vertebra and the machine uses a series of gentle taps to shift the vertebra back into optimal position. There are no sudden movements associated with this type of an adjustment. After this, the chiropractor may use the Pro Adjuster on other joints, like your shoulder or jaw, using the same tapping method as before.