A child’s birth

A child’s birth is not always easy because the baby is pushed through the birth canal during the delivery. Certain blockades can occur as a result of the pulling, turning and compressing the spine during the child’s delivery. Consequently, the KISS syndrome can originate or the baby can suffer from colic, which is characterized by an unusual amount of crying. Sometimes the crying can even last for a couple of hours. Chiropractic treatment has proved to have an impressive influence on babies that suffer from colic. Research has shown that 94% of the babies, who suffered from colic, did not suffer from it anymore after a chiropractic treatment. On the average, treatments result in success in a short period of time and no side effects were ascertained.

Consequences of blockades

 If blockades occur during a child’s birth, this will have long-term consequences. A child might suffer from a persistent cold, an affected immune system, middle ear infection (otitis media), sleeping-eating disorders, asthma, headaches or loss of ones focus. 
An infant’s development 
Children can be very uncontrollable, as a result of this they can often fall. These falls can affect the spine’s development, which might result into a long-lasting disorder. The most important advice to the parents therefore is: pay attention to your child’s posture. 

Otitis Media (Middle ear infection)

Chiropractic is one the best treatments for children suffering from otitis media. Research has shown that otitis media often emerges when the lymph nodes in the neck suffer from improper drainage. A decrease of lymph in the Eustachian tube causes the increase of moisture content in the middle ear. As a result, the middle ear will be more susceptible for bacteria and viruses. The chiropractor will focus his treatment on removing the blockades in the neck and reducing tension in the neck’s muscles. This treatment will restore the normal functions, the drainage in the ears will be improved and the excessive fluid will quit the ear. Because of this, the infection will be recovered.

Start healthy, live healthy.

It is possible to measure a child’s growth and to check on their teeth and eyes, why should we not check their spines? There are four major monitoring stages during a child’s development. The first stage is after the child’s birth, the second stage when the baby starts to sit, the third stage when a child starts to crawl and the final stage when a baby starts to walk. That is why we suggest monitoring their development once every six months.