Report of findings

During this second consultation the results of your examination will be discussed. The chiropractor will clearly explain the medical origin of your complaint and he will also explain his diagnosis.

You will get answers to the following questions:
1. What is the matter?
2. Can the chiropractor help you?
3. How many times do you need to come for adjustments?

The chiropractor will propose a Care Plan and because every individual is unique, the plan will be a specialised personal plan. You will have to give your approval for the Care Plan and when this has been done the chiropractic adjustments can start during this second consultation.


Our first goal is to decrease your pain and other complaints. After that the chiropractor will work to stabilize your condition. The patiënt care plan is determined on how difficult the complaint is and how long the condition has existed. From our experiences we have found that the most patients have relief after a pair of adjustments while other patients react differently and additional adjustments are necessary. This chronic conditions can take a longer time before you feel the results.

The Care plan:
………… weeks  2 x per week
………… weeks  1 x per week
every  1 / 2 / 3 months for control.

A temporary relief of the complaint does nog mean that the origin of the problem is gone. It is important that your body has enough time to reach optimal stabilization. If you discontinue care too early, the complaint can return (maybe even worde than before) or other complaints can surface. 

We always encourage our patients to commit to their custom treatment plan. Throughour the healing process, we will systematically make progress scans to track your improvements. An objective measurement of your progress is critical to establish a good prognosis and continued care plan.